donderdag 28 oktober 2010

this year - blogfreebie

Well it was about time for a nice gift, don't you think!? So here you go!
This is a great template pack of 12 month templates in .psd files. You can clip your favorite photos on, move things around if you like and viola...!

These templates are sized 8,5 x 11" and besides they make (once you've printed them out) a wonderful personalized calendar for your self, it is the perfect gift for the holidays to surprise your friends and family.
Gift tip 1: Collect some photos of you and your family of bygone days. Old photos of you with your brothers, sisters or parents would be perfect. Preferable black and white or sepia colored photos. Scan them, use them, dress them, print them and you'll have the most precious gift for family members.

Gift tip 2: Collect some pictures of flowers or bouquets and you'll have a beautiful gift for friends to say 'thank you' for their friendship.

Gift tip 3: Collect baby photos of your grown up children and you'll have a memorable gift for your son and/or daughter.

Tip 4: Collect photos of your dog or cat and you'll have a great calendar of your greatest friend on the wall.

Tip 5: Collect some photos of your children and you'll have those beautiful faces printed in this personal calendar.

And I'm sure you will have a lot of ideas for your self, so have fun!

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