dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

almost done!

Well, not quite 'almost done' as there will be a lot of work waiting for us in the inside of the house, but look at this! Doesn't our new front of the house look great, or what!? The new bricks are hardly different that the ones at the top, right? And those leaded lights in the windows are fantastic! Our whole town (well, it's a little town) are calling out oh's and ah's and saying 'what an improvement!' Yep, we think so to and we are very happy with the way our house looks now. Soon I will post a before and after photo, so you will see how it looked before we started this renovation.

I think today will be the last day of the constructors working at our place. Sure Boris (our dachshund) will gonna miss them as during lunch time he got a lot of treats! But then it's our turn on renovation. We sure will have some painting and decorating to do! Hopefully will be ready by Christmas!

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