woensdag 1 september 2010

more additions to my 2PS store

This week I've added more products to my 2PS store. For those of you who are following me for quite some time, you will recognize some of them as they have been re-packed. So if you missed out on them before, this is your chance.
Now, I'm holding my heart, shivering at its best, got fear in my eyes because next week we are going to renovate our house! The bottom half of our house front is going to be broke down!!!!! Well, because our house used to be a store, the front of it doesn't look very nice, so we had this coming when we bought the house and now it's time. But you can imagine my fear, don't you? Yes, the constructor has assured us that it's going to be alright but... I mean...

the top half of our house front will be hanging there!!!!!
OK, now let's get you all eager! These two freebies were given to my newsletter subscribers! They are exclusive and only for those who are on my mailing list. Well, if you haven't subscribed yet, you missed out on these ones... so you'll know now what the next step for you to do is, right!?

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