dinsdag 14 september 2010

filling up my store

Another week has past, and I'm still filling up my store with all of my products I've created during time. Not all of them are coming back, but most of them do... re-packed and sometimes with some minor adjustments. But I'm almost there... the 'oldies' are almost all in store so soon it's time for some NEW stuff. And let me tell you, I have some great products finished and they are about to launch of! But first... did you miss out on some of my products before? NOW they are available again @ 2PS!OK, let's see what I have for my newsletter describers! This time some lovely silky flowers! Have fun with them! You will find the download link in today's issue of the newsletter that is on its way to you.
And here the newest additions in my store!
With some inspiration to go with!
by Beszteri
by Iowan
by Bianca69
Btw... the renovation of our house is still going on! And I can't say it looks any better at this moment! The constructors promised me though, that it's going to be ALL right! I'll keep you informed!

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