maandag 29 november 2010

before and after - renovation project library

Wooohooo! One of our many renovation projects is totally finished now! YES!

When we first bought the house (2007-2008), next to the living room there were two small rooms. One in pink (aaaghrrr) and one in blue. It looked like this:
Almost immediately we knocked the wall down between those little rooms, planning on making our 'library' there (because of the huge amount of books we have) and also our 'office'. And... it stayed this way (see photo) for a long time. We just closed the door so we didn't have to see the mess. It was not until our renovation that we started in September of this year, we got to finish our library!
And here it is!
WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! This looks amazing! Doesn't it!? Even Boris has found a place as you can see on the photo! You can hardly imagine that this beautiful room were once two ugly rooms in pink and blue!
Oh well, now it's off to the next project. The living room!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. This looks wonderful!!!! I can't wait to see your livingroom now!

  2. This is looking seriously fabulous. You are going to have a gem of a house.

  3. Dat glas-in-lood raampje vind ik zo mooi. Wow!


  4. Wauw!! Dat ziet er zeker gelikt uit!! Wat zul je blij zijn met je bieb!

    Wow, that looks great!! You must be very happy with your library!

  5. Congratulations, your library looks very pretty and cozy. Enjoy!